Nick Kirsch

🥰 Summer in Seattle

Independence Day often finds me in Seattle, alone. Eriko and the kids are in Japan and Zack and Katie are in Chicago. This year, however, my parents are close by, which I’m feeling very grateful for.  That said, there is a large hill between them and me, and hence, I’m still afforded the luxury of my independence. ;) I will also not be visiting Nagoya, and I haven’t missed a chance to see おばあちゃん and おじいちゃん since my sabbatical in 2013.

Il Dan

Eriko was the original spark, and Master Ahn is the oxygen (, but every Kirsch has to supply their own fuel. (Don’t worry, Jerry will be close behind.)

Goodbye, 2018.

For many people, this was a rough year. As a world, we slid backwards in a number of ways. A lot of great people moved on. Big challenges loom. I had a pretty good year though... a few highlights: In January, I started atsu, and over the next few months found some amazing co-founders. 🔥 In February, Momo turned 8 and had her first sleepover birthday party. 🥰👩🏻 In March, we flew to Boise for a Taekwondo tournament, and had a fun mini-vacation as well.

I had this thought as I was riding my bike and noticed an attractive woman.

Note: Day One’s “Two years ago on this feature” brought up this entry, and I thought it was quite relevant to share. I don’t remember her, but I remember the day was gorgeous and I was turning the corner near Gasworks, on my way to UW. Likely ( Here it is - from November 1st 2016 @ 9:17 AM (unedited): I had this thought as I was riding my bike and noticed an attractive woman.

I'm 40!

I’m 40!That just sort of came and went... I was celebrated, and I appreciated it. I had big plans for this blog, but as long as I complete that this year, it still counts. Otherwise, I showed up this year at about 80% efficiency... 😇 I didn’t foresee it, but it isn’t surprising. The new venture has definitely had impact on my habits and my fitness. I chalk that up to a few reasons: less schedule flexibility, higher workload, and injuries.