Nick Kirsch

Habit: Routine

Most weeks are heavily driven by my calendar - and at the moment, a lot of external calendars as well. On Sunday, after I get my weekly plan from my coach, I align my fitness goals with my family and fortune (i.e. work.) Between Teresa using Training Peaks to prescribe my workouts, reserved gym classes I attend at SSP, the pool schedules at QA / Ballard, Taekwondo with the family, and finally, work - not to mention the ad-hoc - this takes some juggling.

Habits via Streaks

Over eight years later - starting out with only six habits to focus on, then 12, and now up to 18 - I’m still a daily Streaks user and determined to keep improving. My sister Katrina often asks me about my habits, so this is dedicated to her. If it does someone else good, that’s awesome, otherwise I’m happy with the time capsule to myself. This blog entry satisifies Journal and Finish, as I consider my blog to be a public journal entry, and I have a recurring monthly todo I can check off.

Not Sunny in Seattle

Last week I learned my best friend, who has spent the last fifteen years within a few minutes walk, is moving south. Not only him, but his wife, his children, and every unique combination I - and my family - have been so lucky to spend so much time with. I know that, due to the marvels of modern life, he’s but a call away - and yet, I also know those interactions are likely a poor substitute for what we’ve had.