Nick Kirsch

Not Sunny in Seattle

Last week I learned my best friend, who has spent the last fifteen years within a few minutes walk, is moving south. Not only him, but his wife, his children, and every unique combination I - and my family - have been so lucky to spend so much time with. I know that, due to the marvels of modern life, heโ€™s but a call away - and yet, I also know those interactions are likely a poor substitute for what we’ve had.

Happy 15th, Jerry!

On May 1st, 2006, I got the call. Eriko said it was time, and so - it was time! I asked my brother to drive me home, a less than 10 minute jaunt up Queen Anne hill, and then Eriko and I were off to the hospital. She had selected a midwife who worked out of Evergreen in Kirkland, which left me with daily nightmares of being stuck in rush-hour traffic.


For the first time - in my career - I cancelled a vacation due to the demands of the job. It was to have been a solo affair, and thus all the dissapointment was felt only by one. Me.

The Autonomous Weeder

Excited to see our game-changing mission to bring an economical path to healthier agriculture become known to the world. This is only the first step!

Happy 11th, Momo!

When Momo was first born, at first glance … I thought I had a George! Our midwife corrected me, and tears of joy streamed down my face. Happy Birthday to the young lady who regularly brings me to tears! ๐Ÿ˜‚