Nick Kirsch

Happy 11th, Momo!

When Momo was first born, at first glance … I thought I had a George! Our midwife corrected me, and tears of joy streamed down my face. Happy Birthday to the young lady who regularly brings me to tears! 😂

Out with the old...

It’s bittersweet to see your startup fail: the willingness to embark, the thrill and uncertainty of unbridled creativity, all juxtaposed against the outcome. My deepest takeaway is that I loved it, despite my shortcomings, and I must remind myself that “there is no reason my first race should be my best (or last).”

🥰 Summer in Seattle

Independence Day often finds me in Seattle, alone. Eriko and the kids are in Japan and Zack and Katie are in Chicago. This year, however, my parents are close by, which I’m feeling very grateful for.  That said, there is a large hill between them and me, and hence, I’m still afforded the luxury of my independence. ;) I will also not be visiting Nagoya, and I haven’t missed a chance to see おばあちゃん and おじいちゃん since my sabbatical in 2013.

Il Dan

Eriko was the original spark, and Master Ahn is the oxygen (, but every Kirsch has to supply their own fuel. (Don’t worry, Jerry will be close behind.)