Nick Kirsch

I had this thought as I was riding my bike and noticed an attractive woman.

Note: Day One’s “Two years ago on this feature” brought up this entry, and I thought it was quite relevant to share. I don’t remember her, but I remember the day was gorgeous and I was turning the corner near Gasworks, on my way to UW. Likely ( Here it is - from November 1st 2016 @ 9:17 AM (unedited): I had this thought as I was riding my bike and noticed an attractive woman.

I'm 40!

I’m 40!That just sort of came and went... I was celebrated, and I appreciated it. I had big plans for this blog, but as long as I complete that this year, it still counts. Otherwise, I showed up this year at about 80% efficiency... 😇 I didn’t foresee it, but it isn’t surprising. The new venture has definitely had impact on my habits and my fitness. I chalk that up to a few reasons: less schedule flexibility, higher workload, and injuries.

10 years ago...

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I’m able to retrieve goals I had set out for myself a decade ago. It’s heartening to see how much progress I have made! (Re-displayed here for convenience, with annotations.) Spend more time with Eriko and JerryUW Professional Master's ProgramGet back into mathematicsKernel developmentJLPT Level 3Swimming - lap swim twice a weekBuy a houseGet in shape - lose the waistFix/sell the MGRead moreThere are only two items left on this list that I have put little to no effort into: mathematics and Japanese.

The fear.

It’s intense. The potential for failure. The certainty for disappointment. The embarrassment. It’s there. It’s RIGHT there. But that’s only if you care that they are looking. And to be honest, why do they have time to look? Shouldn’t they be busy with their own thing? Shouldn’t you be busy? Damn it, Nick. Get back to work. 😉

habits: Q1

last 15 months, monthly intervals I’m happy to see that almost everything is above 20. You can see the initial enthusiasm followed by the valley of despair on Wake. 🤤 last three months, 2 week intervals always feels like i’m missing on something... 😅

State of the Business

Nick Inc. is a Washington State Corporation and I’m a solo founder. 😳 Why? I’m very lucky! Eriko, Jerry, and Momo; family in the neighborhood (thanks, Katie and Zack!); and an amazing network of friends and advisors in the best city (andbest state!) in the nation.  I found a problem I want to solve for customers I love, at the intersection of technology (machine learning and systems) that I want to excel in.