I'm 40!

I’m 40!

That just sort of came and went... I was celebrated, and I appreciated it. I had big plans for this blog, but as long as I complete that this year, it still counts. Otherwise, I showed up this year at about 80% efficiency... 😇

I didn’t foresee it, but it isn’t surprising. The new venture has definitely had impact on my habits and my fitness. I chalk that up to a few reasons: less schedule flexibility, higher workload, and injuries. Now, this is also on the back of a more erratic schedule due to kids’ summer vacation and Japan-trip induced jet lag, so don’t be too hard on me.

I’ll soon have an interactive viewer so you can see me move towards more efficiency. Wait. Am I talking about myself or atsu.io? 🤪

All jokes aside, I’m a very lucky person, at any age.

Every single day, many people help me.


thank you