State of the Business

Nick Inc. is a Washington State Corporation and I’m a solo founder. 😳


I’m very lucky! Eriko, Jerry, and Momo; family in the neighborhood (thanks, Katie and Zack!); and an amazing network of friends and advisors in the best city (and best state!) in the nation. 

I found a problem I want to solve for customers I love, at the intersection of technology (machine learning and systems) that I want to excel in. I can imagine delighting users and providing significant benefit to their businesses.

Not to kid myself, I’m sure to bungle this in many ways - already have - and it’s not unlikely that Nick Inc. will result in an orderly dissolution. Despite that, I believe the journey will be worth my investment of heart and time - and I couldn’t do it without all the help I’ve been given thus far, and all I hope to receive.

I’m currently occupied with three challenges: building the product, finding applied machine learning help, and funding the business.

I can’t wait to give this wooden boy a real name ... 😅