January, by the numbers...

How much intention have I been able to realize in January?

A lot, but there is always more to do!

My habit hit rate was roughly 80%. This was dragged down by, unsurprisingly, the new habits of Wake and Stretch (50% and 45%, respectively.) That said, I’m adjusting to the earlier start time and making time to limber up. These numbers are going up in February!

The only habits I managed to nail completely were Vitamins and Meet, but many others came close: Core (93%), Cardio (93%), Cook (90%) and Swim (85%).

I feel great about honing the early morning fitness routine (and then making breakfast for the kids. ;)

The rest of the habits are close behind: Journal (87%), Reading (80%), Finish (77%), and Build (70%).

The last two need more focus and attention; if I don’t explicitly plan for progress, it’s much easier to be distracted by the crisis of the moment and more difficult to say NO.

Not a bad start.