The alarm went off at 6 AM. I was tired, but I knew I had plenty to do so I woke up early. I probably should have studied Japanese or watched a CS lecture, but I needed to get in and get some work done so (after eating) I left for work. As it turns out, Melissa called me and we talked for over 30 minutes, so my early start didn’t buy me that much in terms of work productivity, but it was nice to talk to her. I did have a solid, productive morning, but it turns out the stuff I was working on was clearly defined and I had to send it back to our great spec writer for clarification. I came home for lunch and found Eriko alert but not in a cooking mood, so I fixed myself a baked potato with some leftover chicken korma sauce (it was quite delicious). Back at work, I was pretty productive until the end of the day when I was just involved in too many conversations. I came home to Eriko who had dinner waiting. It was also delicious and she was a little full so I ate half of hers – then I was full. We waited around for a bit and then took the bus down the hill to Key Arena to see Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo. The line for entry was very long – the bombings in Jordan caused them to really heighten security. It (the need for heightened security) was sad to see, especially since this was an event that was meant for families and children. I wasn’t expecting much but the show was really good. It helped that I hadn’t seen the movie as I didn’t have any expectations for the story line. The skaters were quite and the overall show was very beautiful at times. Eriko enjoyed it as well. We waited around for a bus ride for about 20 minutes, during which time I read some big email from work. Things are happening. Back at home, I ate some ice cream, watched the news, and it was time for bed.