I woke up about six (the alarm was set for seven) and decided to lay in bed for a few minutes… which of course, turned out to be until the alarm went off. I got out of bed, ate my bowl of cereal (two kinds) and headed off to work. Eriko was sleeping and didn’t budge. My morning was fairly occupied – I had a meeting with my new boss, a technical lead meeting, and the regular team meeting. I tried to fit in some emergency repairs I need to do by the weekend in, but didn’t make much progress. I came home for lunch and found Eriko sleeping. I was debating whether I should prepare myself lunch or go out when she came out of the bedroom, so I stuck around. I made myself a quick meal with baked potato and fixin`s while Eriko drank some juice. We spent a little bit of time watching a PBS kids program (Reading Between the Lions) that she had told me about yesterday. It was well done – funny and educational – and who doesn’t like cute stuffed lions? Back at work, my day continued to be full. I had a meeting, another sudden meeting (and I had to trade interview spots), an interview, a team meeting, and then I had to update my weekly status. I had about an hour to work on my emergency repairs but didn’t make a lot of progress. I’ll really have to hit the ground running tomorrow. I walked home with Scott and he invited Eriko and I to a game party he’s having at his house. I think we might show, although I doubt we will stay long (since our bedtime tends to be pretty early). Eriko was waiting for me when I got home but she already ate. Luckily, she made enough for two. ;) I ate dinner and then watched a little BBC news on TV. We hung out on the couch until 7:40, when we left for Capitol Hill (and more specifically, the Century Ballroom). We weren’t going to dance, we were going to meet Gene (the former owner of the Jetta) who was in Seattle (he’s from Redmond) to go salsa dancing. Gene brought me the title paperwork, so now I just have to deliver it to the DMV. Eriko didn’t feel too super after we got home, so she spent a little bit of time on the couch resting. I did the dishes and checked on some financials. We spent some time together on the couch and I rubbed her feet and ate ice cream. Then it was time for her shower.