I woke up early this morning because I had Japanese homework to do. After eating breakfast, I got to work on reading some conversations and looking at the grammar points. I finished up and went into work a little early. I had a meeting with my boss, another meeting, and I shared the Japanese/American interaction paper with Todd – as a result, my morning wasn’t so productive. I came home for a nice lunch with Eriko and told her about my conversation with Todd. Back at work, we had an ice cream cake party (which was yummy). I didn’t get much more work done before I went off to Japanese class. Hideki and I had good time and ended up discussing Japanese/American marriages ourselves! After a brief hour of work, I came back home. Eriko was on the phone with her mom and so I fixed my own dinner. We had lots of nice conversation on the couch and I went to Safeway to pick up some groceries. Then we had more nice conversation and it was time for bed.