I was able to sleep in a little bit, because we had an OB appointment at the Nadeshiko Clinic. I set the alarm for about 7:40 (the planned wake-up time was 8) and was eating breakfast when Eriko woke up. I did a little work on the computer as I needed to write a status email. We ate our separate breakfasts and headed over the 520 bridge to Kirkland (a little before 9). The mood was civil but not so comfortable. I headed back to Isilon and arrived in plenty of time (about 9:40) for my meeting (at 10). Unfortunately, I had to find parking (and grabbed a latte) so it was about 10 by the time I actually got in the building. The staff meeting was good and interesting. I had another meeting with my team afterwards and then it was time to pick-up Eriko. I was a little rushed, having left the office at 11:35, but I made it in-time (noon) to pick-up Eriko. In fact, I was there a few minutes early and went inside to use the bathroom. She was waiting outside the bathroom for me a few moments later. A really cool thing happened at Nadeshiko – Eriko talked to her nurse about us and got a nice sheet of paper describing common communication problems between Japanese and Americans. It was specifically tailored towards the Japanese wife and American husband. When Eriko showed this to me (after we arrived home), we were both very relieved – this was not just our problem! Lots of people had this problem. I went back to work and excitedly told my co-worker about the information we had acquired. He was also very interested (as he is currently dating his ex-wife, who is Japanese.) Back at home, Eriko and I spoke about our new world quite a bit, and she shared the discovery with her mother via Skype. She also told me that she drove the Jetta around the block! We spent some time playing with a baby playpen that my co-worker Edgardo gave us before heading off to bed.