I slept well and woke up relatively early. I had lots of time before I needed to be at work (I’m aiming for 8 AM as a start time) so I worked through the Washington State voter’s pamphlet and decided how I would vote on several issues. I’m not sure if I will actually vote for the various seats, I simply don’t know enough about the candidates. Then I headed off to work, where I worked on some bugs. This period in the development cycle is a little boring, because it is difficult to feel like you’re making progress, since bugs are never-ending. I came home for lunch with Eriko (which she made) and it was yummy. Afterwards, I had coffee with Zack, which was nice. It turns out he will be moving even closer to me. My afternoon was semi-productive until I had coffee with Rob, which was also nice. (Note that I had decaf both times, otherwise I’d be loaded). I came home for dinner with Eriko and then we watched some TV. We went to Safeway and then Eriko took a nap. I started watching a lecture on my handheld device but that didn’t last long. We showered and went to bed early.