I had trouble sleeping (thinking about work) and decided to wake up later. Once I fell asleep, I slept pretty good. The alarm went off at 7:30, but before that I got wacked a few times by Eriko who was awake and thought I had overslept. I got dressed in the living room, as I’ve started putting my clothes out of the bedroom the night before (to be more quiet). I ate a banana and headed off to work. I worked on my team status, made some progress on bugs, and had a meeting of the leads. I came home for lunch which the intention of telling Eriko that she didn’t need to worry about cooking; I came home to see her. I found her laying in bed feeling bad. I explained myself to her and her attitude changed immediately; she was soon out of bed and we had a nice lunchtime together, with me eating various things I could find. Back at work, I was semi-productive (that seems to be the trend these days) and I met with my new boss, which was nice. Back at home, Eriko had not finished making dinner because the meat was not thawed out yet. She was very happy though, she had gone out for snacks with three pregnant Japanese ladies who live in this area – Yuko, Junko, and Yuko. I thawed the meat out for her (in warm water) and she made one of my favorite Japanese dishes – okonomiyaki, with pork and squid. I got to ask her lots of questions about the ladies and the things they talked about (pregnancy, Japan, husbands) and it was nice. We watched a little TV, I did the dishes, and we watched the new Chris Rock comedy. We worked on the computer together, looking for Japanese drama, animation, and radio shows that Eriko could watch. I also fixed a diary entry mistake she had made. I read some of the Japanese book while Eriko worked on the computer. We watched some more TV (something about Raymond) and then we showered (rather, she showered while I used the computer and then I showered).