I slept good and the alarm woke us (both) up at 8 AM. I laid in bed for about 5 minutes and then popped out to check my mail and cook breakfast. Eriko woke up a few minutes later and began to eat. We left the house about 9:05 and headed north on I-5. Traffic was light and we made it on-time for her drum class, which started at 9:30. I helped carry in her new bongo drums and then I left. I went to Target to buy toothpaste and paper towels. To kill time, I went to Best Buy, but I was about 10 minutes early so I hung around and listened to my iPod. Soon, I was inside and was quickly accosted by a pretty young lady named Kara, who was interested in telling me all about their digital cameras. Before long, she moved on, and so did I. I walked around the store several times and eventually wound up where I really wanted to be – the bathroom. ;) I headed back to Eriko’s class, stopping at Starbucks along the way. I sat outside in the sun and listened to some comedy (on the iPod) and also worked on my new Japanese textbook. I went into the classroom a little early so I could hear the 7 people (including the teacher) playing a very cool Carribean rhythm. Back at home, Eriko watched a Japanese trivia show (we had downloaded) and I took a short nap. I retrieved the mail from the mailroom and Eriko had a package from her mom. She was quite excited, although customs confiscated two small food items. Eriko made a quick call to her mom to let her know and then we headed off to India Bistro to meet Carol and Aaron for dinner. Dinner was nice and (since Carol is pregnant also) we had lots to talk about. Unfortunately, Eriko’s dish was incorrectly spiced (and I didn’t realize it until I stopped eating mine) so that put a damper on the mood (but she didn’t blame me, so I felt better). Back at home, we were stuffed – I watched the end of World Series game 1 and Eriko used the computer. While she showered, I watched an anime on the computer (I’m finally getting around to finishing a series I started during summer). We switched places for my shower and then spent some time on the couch watching TV while waiting for our food to digest.