We slept in today – the alarm was off and we took advantage, finally rising out of bed about 10 AM. I was still stuffed from the Indian the night before, but Eriko was hungry. She made herself some breakfast and I watched. We lazed around and eventually Eriko started taking a nap, so I moved into the bedroom and started watching a UW Colloquia lecture on my handheld media player. That worked pretty well, although the lecture was a little boring. The whole day went by quickly, even though we didn’t do anything. We watched some TV, I did some Japanese homework, Eriko talked to her mom, Eriko made herself several meals (I just snacked on ice cream and leftovers, as I was never really hungry), I watched some more Japanese anime, and we wrote thank you cards as well as a birthday card for Katrina. In the evening we watched the 2nd game of the world series, which was great. After that, I typed up some journal entries and Eriko looked at some magazines. While Eriko showered, I exercised. After I showered, Eriko continued to look at magazines and I watched two anime episodes.