Not surprisingly, I had trouble sleeping again. During the night I wokeup and told Eriko that I needed some conversation. Note that we didn’t have a conversation about that. I woke up a little late, but not too bad. Eriko was up too. I had toast and juice for breakfast; I just didn’t have an appetite. I was at work by 8 but today would not turn out to be very productive. I just didn’t focus very well. No particular one item was to blame for my distraction; it was just one of those days. Zack ran the Shiki train and I went home for lunch. I arrived a little earlyu and startled Eriko. Lunch was nice; Eriko was in a good mood and I was glad. Afterwards, I had coffee with Zack and we talked about… women. It is so very nice to bond again with my brother after all these years. He has recently given me some advice about Eriko, which I have followed - such as inquiring about what she would like and making an effort to plan activities together. We have a symphony and a Disney on Ice show scheduled now. The afternoon was more of the morning - a strange, busy, but unproductive time. I went home early and arrived a little after 5. Eriko was cooking, but much more quiet than at lunch. After dinner, she felt strange and wasn’t in the mood to talk. I watched baseball and she used the computer and the massage cushion. She joined me on the couch, but wasn’t interested in conversation or attention. Soon she moved to the bedroom and played the piano. I started using the computer and continued watching the game. Towards the late evening, she surprised me by emerging from the bedroom in a relatively good mood. We enjoyed some pleasant time together before going to bed.