I had trouble waking up again (because I had trouble sleeping again). It is difficult when there is no escape. ;) I was disappointed to find out the bacon had gone rancid, so I had a small breakfast. Eriko didn’t wake up before I left, so I couldn’t say goodbye. I was at work by 8 and had a hectic morning. I had to prepare status for my team, spend some time with the new guy, and have a meeting or two. I came home for lunch and the meal was good, but we sat in silence. Back at work, I had another few meetings and worked on an issue or two. I got home at the usual time; Eriko made dinner, but she didn’t eat anything. She laid down on the couch quickly after I had finished, not feeling so well. I watched the baseball game and used the computer. I was interrupted by a phone call from my co-worker and we vented about some things happening at work for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, I resumed my previous activities; there was uncomfortable silence between Eriko and I. Eventually, she went to bed. The first time I checked on her, she seemed fine, but the second time she was crying. She shook off my comfort and I gave her a stern speech about going through rough times together instead of alone. I reminded her that I couldn’t understand if she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) communicate. Eventually, I went to bed a hour later.