I had trouble waking up, but got out of bed by 7:30. Besides a few words here and there, I can’t get a conversation going with Eriko. She doesn’t seem to happy and there was minimal interaction. I made it to work by about 8. I was very busy at work; I worked on an emergency fix. Home for lunch, I peppered Eriko with questions until she started crying. Before that, she said she was bored. I wasn’t much comfort but stayed around as long as I could. Back at work, I was extremely busy; I had to prepare a speech (for a UW recruiting event) and get my fix ready while dealing with the usual barrage of questions. I left for the recruiting event (with several other co-workers) about 5. The event went pretty well, although we probably talked a little too long or had too much detail. That is something is up for debate, as you want to provide enough information to keep them interested but not enough to overwhelm them. My talk was very short and for the most part, I liked my delivery. I have some refinements to make for the next one, however. I got home a little early than I expected (my co-worker also wanted to leave early, so I got a ride). I surprised Eriko as well. There was no food so I hungrily ate some random things from the fridge. Eriko went to bed soon after, but I stayed up for a few hours to calm down from the hectic day – at work & home.