I woke up before 8. did a little bit on the computer, but not too much. Instead, I read my FreeBSD book and sat on the massage cushion, so as not to disturb Eriko, who was still sleeping. Eriko woke up about 8:30. I went to TJ’s to get some milk and bacon (all the milk was gone with Eriko’s chocolate milk.) I made omelettes (bacon, cheese, two egg). I threw out a bunch of food in the fridge cause it went bad – with was lame. I hate wasting food. I spent some time on the computer. Eriko practiced her rhythm by drumming (with drumsticks) on a piece of wood set on the coffee table. I took a nap (accidentally) in the massage chair (while Eriko napped on the couch). Turn on the TV and watched I started watching the Astros/Cardinals game and Eriko joined me. Eriko made herself some lunch; I snacked. At some point, Eriko started to get bored and I suggested that we goto the drum store to look for a bongo drum. She was interested but not motivated enough to get ready, so we didn’t go anywhere. I did the dishes. The TV remained on, and the White Sox/Angels game started. Zack called (in response to my SMS & voicemail); he would be over soon. Indeed, after his quick hour-long shower, he arrived to pick us up. The three of us headed for a steak dinner at Outback. It was nice. We ordered too much and ate too much, as usual. We got sick of french fries after the appetizer and had to change our sides (we all ordered fries as sides, but ended up with two veggies and a potato). Zack was a little weak-spirited; the exciting events of the night before had taken some out of him. He did buy us dinner (and in doing so, improved his credit at Nick’s Credit Union). Back at home, Zack joined us for about 30 minutes – trying out the massage cushion, trying out the couch, testing out the cellphone reception… soon he was headed off for another night of activity. Eriko and I watched a little of a movie, but mainly spent time on the couch talking and enjoying each other. I eventually turned off the movie. Eriko showered, I used the computer, we traded places, and then it was time for bed.