I woke up late, about 9. I made some pancakes and shared them with Eriko. After eating, Eriko didn’t feel well and laid on the couch. I started using the computer but quickly was chased off due to the noise. I moved into the bedroom and listened to the Astros/Braves play-off game. While there, I got an idea about re-arranging the bedroom (moving the bed from the north to the south wall). Eriko started feeling better, so I moved back into the living room. I called Zack and made an inquiry about dinner; he said he would call back after checking with Liz. After getting permission from Eriko, I rearranged the bedroom. Now I don’t have to crawl into bed through the head. In general, I like the layout much better, and Eriko seems to like it as well. We went to Costco with the intention of purchasing a massage chair (cover) and after some anxious looking, located it on a random aisle. It was a little difficult to shop, because Eriko moves pretty slowly now. I’m not used to such a slow pace. Then we headed to Office Max. I was looking for some mini-flashcards (preferabbly on a key-chain) but couldn’t find any. I settled for a hole-puncher and regular index cards. We proceeded to Uwajimaya, where we ate dinner. Eriko was hungry and wanted to eat then, so I went ahead and got something to eat as well. It was a bad choice; I went for Thai food because I was in an Asian grocery store, but really wanted a burger & fries. As it turned out, the Thai was pretty lame. Eriko also didn’t enjoy her eel. Back at home, I realized that I had forgotten about Zack but I figured since hadn’t called he probably had no desire to join us. As it turns out, he called about 30 minutes earlier to tell me he had no desire to join us. ;P I had a beer, enjoyed a massage (in the chair) and watched the Yankees/Angels game. Eriko read and went to bed early. I joined soon after.