I slept in a bit – up at 8 AM. ;) Eriko had a real tough morning. She had her first day of Caribbean percussion class and it started at 9:30. She woke up earlier than I did and ate, but she was still feeling really poor. She spent some time on the couch and just when I thought she wasn’t going (@ 9:15), she announced that it was time to leave. I did my best to get her there on time, but she was about 10 minutes late. It didn’t really matter, as we were walking (finding) the classroom, another couple came bearing their drums. While she was in class, I went to the bank to deposit some checks (I had to wait 10 minutes for them to open), went shopping @ Target (a cashier mistake saved me ~ $20), and read my FreeBSD book (while listening to music and eating candy). I went into her class (with 30 minutes remaining) and watched (as well as read). On the way home, we got hungry. Eriko wanted a tonkatsu sandwich (and didn’t really want to cook), so we purchased some tonkatsu take-out from Sam’s Sushi, took it home, and made our own tonkatsu sandwich. ;) It was really delicious and reminded me of the sandwiches Yuji’s grandmother made for us in Nagoya 11 years ago. I had a headache (maybe too much candy) and took a nap. Once I woke up, Eriko took a nap and I used the computer. We watched one of the baseball playoff games together on the couch and had a nice dinner. We spent a nice evening together on the couch and wrapped it up by listening to some Disney songs.