I woke up early, about 6:30. I was eager to get out of the house. I think last night’s silence was a little too much for me; I couldn’t bear a quiet morning. I had a quick breakfast and got to work early, before 7:30. I made some progress in the morning, but that was interrupted by a surprise meeting with one of my superiors. There are some organization changes occurring; I am no longer part of a group I once was. I was a little irritated, but not too much. I made the decision some time ago to specialize in a different area, and this is a consequence. I surprised Eriko at home for an early lunch; I had written her a note saying that I would not be home so she had nothing prepared. I ate some leftovers quickly (I had a 12:30 meeting, which is why I didn’t expect to be at home) and returned to work. 2 hours of leadership training went by pretty quickly. I chose to “be respectful of other’s ideas,” which means I didn’t volunteer my answers so much. Normally I do, so that was tough. I worked with my co-worker on a problem and we came to a good understanding. Then I chatted with Todd about the quandary of loving Japanese girls. I left early; Jane brought my bike home in her jeep (per my request - I’d rather store it in the condo than at work). I watched (and helped) Eriko cook dinner, which was yummy. We watched some TV; I used the computer; Eriko read her book. She was in bed by 9, I stayed up about an hour longer.