I slept in until about 8; we had plans to go to the Nadeshiko (birthing) clinic, so no reason to wake up early. I ate a small breakfast and sent out my status email for work. We left the house about 9 AM; the clinic is on the eastside (Kirkland) which means traffic is a concern. Sure enough, traffic was pretty heavy and we arrived at 9:30. Eriko’s group session wasn’t until 10, but I had a meeting I needed to make at 10, so I drove back to Isilon. Traffic was better on the way back and I found a perfect 2 hr parking place in front of work which allowed me to catch the tail end of my team meeting and make the regular leads meeting on time. I had coffee with my co-worker and I discussed his role as a technical mentor for our new employee (who starts Wednesday). I didn’t have much time to do anything but check my email before I was back on the road again to pick up Eriko. When I picked her up outside the clinic, the clock read exactly 12, which was the arranged pick-up time. Back at home, I had a quick lunch and went back to work. The day was pretty unproductive; I was interrupted almost everytime I put my headphones on. As it was, I made a few fixes but not much more than that. I had coffee with Zack (at least I’m getting something done, even if it isn’t work-related). I left work at 6 and there was a nice dinner waiting at home. I watched a baseball game and worked on my keychain-flashcards. I did some light exercise and rewarded myself with a beer. I then proceeded to work on the computer. Eriko refused to hug me and went to bed. I remained up for another hour or so.