I slept very poorly and had a hard time waking up; I got poked by Eriko to get out of bed. I had some yogurt and honey and left for work; Eriko was still sleeping. I arrived at work about 7:30 and a few minutes to prepare for an interview at 8. I reviewed some work I had done the day before and had the usual morning meeting. I did some more work on my problem and soon it was time for an early lunch. Zack and I met mom, dad, and Eriko at work and we walked aimlessly down the street until Eriko suggested Shiki (a Japanese restaraunt). We guided the tour in that direction and soon were enjoying a nice meal. I had to rush home after lunch to pick up a copy of Eriko’s birth certificate and make the translation electronically available (as I was meeting the translator later in the day). I made it back to work by 1, in time for a regular meeting. I printed out the translation and attended two meetings before heading off to my Japanese lsson. Hideki (my teacher) didn’t have anything to do after class and wanted to avoid traffic, so he came over to show me where the starter was on my MG. He met Eriko and received a quick tour of our place. After Hideki left, Eriko and I waited for our dinner guests. Zack showed up (but couldn’t let himself in) and soon let mom & dad in as well. We sat around for quite a while, drank some wine, talked, looked at wedding photos, ate nuts and eventually made our way to an Indian restaraunt down the street. Eriko was suffering, as she had not partaken in may of these snacks. Dinner was good (although not India Bistro) and everyone was thorougly stuffed. We said our bon voyage to mom & dad (they leave for a 2 month cruise in two days), and started the evening routine which ends up with my eyes shut.