I set the alarm a little later this morning (7) but I’m still very tired when it goes off. Eriko woke up too. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast and my throat was still sore, but it was much better than the day before. Surprisingly enough it hadn’t moved up into my head at all. I go to work a bit early and arrive about 7:45. I had to make copies of the AOS stuff so I could mail it out. I worked on issues until the regular morning meeting and then again until lunch. I was caught by a co-worker right as I was about to leave and didn’t arrive home until about 12:30. Lunch was good and I returned about 1:15. I had a meeting, missed a meeting, and had a real solid interview with a potential candidate for my team. I worked on an enhancement until close to 6 and got nailed trying to leave. As a result, I left about 6:30; I walked & talked with Scott and didn’t get home until about 6:45. Eriko wasn’t thrilled but patient. We had leftovers

  • corn soup for dinner. Afterwards, Eriko was head down in the latest issue of her Japanese pregnancy magazine and I used the computer. It was bed after that.