I’m up early, Eriko is slow to move. I can’t remember if she made it out of bed before I left (although I think she did say goodbye). I got some work done in the morning, had a meeting, got some more work done, and then it was time for lunch. Zack and I met mom & dad outside of work about noon and we took Zack’s car up to our house to pick up Eriko, who was waiting. We drove back to work and went to a nice Thai restaraunt. I was stuffed! There was a long delay in parting, but eventually mom & dad walked with Eriko back to the condo and Zack and I went to work. I had another two meetings, did some work, and then walked home. My co-worker was going that way so we walked together (almost all the way up the hill) and talked about our new wives/lives (he was married a few weeks ago). I saw mom & dad in the park near our house, so I stopped and chatted, bringing them with me to the house. Of course, they brought wine (they don’t seem to cross the 6 PM boundary without some wine) so we sat around and talked. We moved onto the 5 spot, a local restaraunt, and had a nice meal. We waited around for Zack and he took mom & dad to their place. Eriko and I were exhausted, and hit the sack.