I wake up, after Eriko. However, as soon as I leave the bedroom, she wakes up and complains that she couldn’t sleep because I was snoring! I make pancakes and then start doing some work. I’m making modifications to an allocation library so I can do better tracking. I worked on this most of the day, actually. Eriko woke up and had some pancakes and then rested on the couch. We watched the Mariners game. We went to Ballard and met Alex & Kellie’s @ Ray’s boathouse for an early dinner (or lupper - lunch + supper). Back @ home, I read my FreeBSD book and we watched a show about the next mega earthquake coming to Seattle. I got scolded a little for spending too much time on the computer. Zack called and wanted us to reserve time to see mom & dad, but he couldn’t commit to when. We decided to go to bed early and were just about to hit the sack when Dad called and pretended to be gathering. Pretend or not, the only place we were going was to bed. ;)