We were up pretty early. I took a sleeping aid before bed (my throat is starting to bother me; I’m guessing that the night of poor sleep was a cold taking root) and slept great. Eriko got up too, but she was tired and not feeling so hot. Before too long, she was asleep on the couch. I read my FreeBSD internals book before succumbing to the sandman. We were both awakened unexpectedly by the doorbell – the mailman, with a package for Eriko. In it were maternity outfit brochures, some vitamins, and some other booklets from her mother. Eriko began looking through these materials and I moved to the computer. After a short while, I decided it was finally time to get my haircut. I located a barber, Counterbalance Barbershop, gave them a call, and headed that way. The barbership was only about 5 blocks away and in between was an ATM so I grabbed some cash. I was immediately surprised (upon entering the shop) to see two big dogs lying on the floor. They weren’t just lying, they were barking too. ;) I’m glad Eriko declined my invitation for her to come along. There were two barbers and two clients, so I sat and waited. I had brought a magazine and my iPod so I was prepared for the wait, however there was a NY/Boston game on TV that was more interesting and I watched that. The barber was smooth – he asked for orders, I told him I had too much hair, and he started cutting. The game was exciting, but the Red Sox just couldn’t seem to pull it off. I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home and picked up some juice (for Eriko) and other items (wine, ham, soy milk). Back at home, Eriko laughed and said I looked like Seinfeld (in the low-flow episode). I ate some lunch and I had just started getting to work (at doing nothing) when Eriko decided she wanted to go maternity clothes shopping. I suggested Target (but I didn’t really know) and off we went. Target had a dismal selection. We bought a few assorted items (shower head with cable, cotton) but no maternity wear. I looked up the address to babies r’ us (on my blackberry) and we headed there. Unfortunately, the store was not to Eriko’s expectations – only baby clothes! In Japan, baby clothes are always accompanied by clothes for mommy (makes sense to me). Dissappointed, we headed back south. Macy’s was the next idea, but I was already burned out on shopping and suggested we stop at home and eat first. Eriko suggested pizza and we were headed to Pete’s. We played some pictionary before our meal arrived and ate far less than either of us expected. We both agreed to go to Macy’s another day and went home. Eriko fell asleep almost as soon as we got home and I worked on the computer. The rest of the evening was restful – Eriko wasn’t feeling in tip-top shape (she thinks it is anemia) but she wasn’t feeling horrible either. We watched some TV, I practiced Japanese, we took turns on the computer and we were in bed by 11.