I slept quite poorly. I couldn’t get comfortable; I kept waking up. Hot, cold, etc. Eriko both woke up early and had a pleasant morning together. She was feeling pretty good and so was I. ;) I had another interview at work, and I did a lot of management of bugs. Then it was lunch time. I wasn’t interested in the Shiki train so I headed home. Eriko wasn’t expecting me and hadn’t made lunch but I didn’t mind. I made a sandwich and we had a good time; she was still in a good mood. Back at work, I began researching a debugging technique. I wasn’t really in the mood to work, though, and eventually I asked if Zack wanted to get some coffee. It turns out that he wasn’t in the mood to work either, so we got some coffee and spent about 45 minutes yacking. That was nice. When I returned to the office, there was champagne being drunk! Some co-workers were enjoying a milestone so I spent a little while joining in their festivities. Then it was time to go home. Eriko had not prepared dinner either, so I ate some leftovers. We watched the Mariner’s game and a recording of one of Eriko’s percussion concerts; I also used the computer and studied Japanese a bit. Then it was bedtime.