We slept in today, because we had plans to go to the Japanese consulate so that Eriko could change her name legally in Japan. We headed off to the consulate about 8:30 and arrived a few minutes before 9:00 (at which time it opened). We were the first in line and thus quickly found out that we needed original documents instead of copies. Eriko made some corrections to her forms and then we left. We returned just in time for me to attend my usual 9:45 meeting. Eriko took the bus back to the consulate with all the required paperwork. I wasn’t real productive before lunch as I was distracted by conversations with my co-workers. I went home for lunch, which was nice. We just got ourselves a regular land-line; Eriko’s dad decided not to continue paying for her Japanese cellphone and I realized I needed a reliable communication method at home (cellphones don’t work well in our house). At work, I had several meetings and wasn’t real productive. I returned home by 6:30 to a nice meal. We finished watching the movie we had started the day before. Eriko was in bed before 9 but I stayed up learning how to convert my mail server from sendmail to exim4. I had made good progress but several issues are still outstanding before I can actually cut over.