I woke up before the alarm, and lay in a daze debating about whether to get up… when the alarm went off at 6:30, I got up right away (Eriko stayed in bed for a while.) I wasn’t hungry for breakfast. It seems if breakfast is made for me, I will eat, but preparing it myself when I first wake-up isn’t automatic. I have to get hungry first. Eriko walked a little ways with me to work but turned around before heading down the hill; she just wasn’t feeling that well. I was a little busy at work but I was distracted and worried about Eriko’s health. Mainly I worry about her mental health; I know that the physical symptoms are experienced by pregnant women all over, but I have very little insight into their mental states. I eventually did get hungry (before lunch) and ate my leftover burrito. I was supposed to go to lunch with my boss, but he stood me up. I waited around and eventually heard from him, but I already committed to attending a presentation at work (with free pizza provided!). We later met for coffee in the afternoon. He has a strong desire to change things; I can tell that he has watched patiently for sometime and finally sees his chance to make “improvements.” After work, Eriko and I watched part of one of the movies she had rented and we ended up going to bed pretty early.