Having stayed up a little later, I didn’t wake up until the computer turned on (despite the alarm 30 minutes early). Eriko was even slower and didn’t get out of bed, so I went to work alone. Work was pretty busy. One notable thing that occurred in the morning is that I observed my team (during our daily meeting) really having a good time, making jokes and laughing with each other. I was glad to see that. Scott asked me (about 11) if we were having the Shiki Train today and so I called Eriko at home; she (surprisingly) accepted my invitation. We left Isilon about 11:45 and had a nice lunch; Eriko and I shared a chicken teriyaki meal and I also ordered two extra pieces of sushi. We went to the coffee shop afterwards with my co-workers (and Zack) although we walk slower and so some of them left before we had even placed our order. In the afternoon, I had a long meeting and then made some good progress fixing some memory-leak (technically object leak) bugs. I left work at 6 and talked to Scott on the walk home. Eriko was watching a movie (some Japanese animation, “Millenium Actress”) when I returned. She hadn’t prepared any dinner and didn’t intend to – I was on my own. We had been invited to a house-warming party for Hideki’s (my teacher) friend (because his wife is Japanese and recently had a baby). I came home prepared to go, but Eriko didn’t quite leap at the suggestion. After waiting an hour or so, I pressed a little more, essentially having her commit to not going. I was a little dissapointed, as I hope that her meeting more people in similar situations will help her, but the choice is hers. We went to Trader Joe’s, because I needed supplies to make myself dinner. After eating, we watched Shallow Hal. Actually, Eriko didn’t originally intend on watching it (she was tired) but perked up after 20 minutes or so. The film wasn’t bad, but certainly wasn’t good (it was recommended by my co-worker). After the movie, it was time for bed.