I awoke to more crackers being munched on. I think I’m going to have to get used to this. ;) Eriko wasn’t up for much of a breakfast, so I ate some cereal. We walked together to work, and my day began. I had a tough time with a problem at work, so I had to do a lot of fruitless investigation. This particular problem forced me to go to the lab to do testing, so I had to frequently leave my desk. My research required me to reboot the computer I was testing on, so that gave me time to look for an OB doctor. I got some recommendations from co-workers and printed out quite a few (to show Eriko) before I got the idea to search for a Japanese one. I located a Japanese birthing center in Kirkland (about 30 minutes away). I knew Eriko would be excited about that and printed out some information. At noon I came home and Eriko had prepared a yummy meal. I showed her the literature I had printed out and she was very happy. After the meal she called the clinic and made an appointment for Monday @ 3. She was feeling OK so she walked with me to work. After lunch I had a few meetings at work, so producitivity was sporadic – but I finally solved my problem. Zack and I went out for coffee (because we hadn’t talked much I gave him the news) and ended up chatting for about an hour. After that, it was time to go home. ;) Neither Eriko and I were that hungry, so we decided to goto blockbuster instead. She wanted to get some movies to watch and we wound up with four: The Castle in the Sky, Tokyo Godfathers, Oliver, and The Terminal. She made a yummy dinner and then we started watching The Castle in the Sky. At first it was quite dissappointing, because the screen would switch into reverse video every few minutes, sometimes only seconds apart. Finally I decided to investigate. I paused it while it was on reverse video and pulled out some of the S-Video cables when all of a sudden Eriko told me it was working. I guess the DVD player I borrowed from Zack can’t handle the input from my TV correctly. Thrilled, we resumed watching. After a little bit, I switched the language to Japanese and put on the English subtitles and we both enjoyed it more. Eriko has seen the movie many times and wanted to hear the original Japanese voices which she liked; I don’t like to watch Japanese anime in English. The Japanese practice is good for me and I even recognized a word or two from my current lesson. After the movie we took showers and went to bed.