I was woken up several times by Eriko going to the bathroom. Each time, I wondered if she had done the pregnancy test. I worried that the lack of urine in her bladder would give us inaccurate results. Sometime far before the alarm clock went off, I was woken by the crunching of crackers. Eriko ate for a while and eventually we got out of bed about 6:30. She went in and took the pregnancy test. After a minute or two, I sauntered in and checked out the result. Two lines, one much brighter than the other. After reading the directions, I knew it had been confirmed. Eriko is pregnant. She didn’t feel like cooking (she wasn’t real hungry), so I made myself breakfast. As we were leaving the building, Melissa called. She wanted to know why we hadn’t called her sooner! I spoke with Melissa as Eriko and I walked to work and she gave us advice and answered our questions. The morning was productive in the morning but also anxious; of course, I couldn’t help but think about Eriko and the new life growing inside her. I let it slip to a few of my co-workers, and I heard something that would be repeated many times: “you didn’t waste any time, did you?” Melissa called a few minutes to noon and interrupted me from work so I took the opportunity to walk home and talk to her. She recommended that we cancel the GYN appointment we made since we needed an OB and they would end up duplicating some uncomfortable tests. She also wanted to reiterate her email and encourage me to move to Pennsylvania. Eriko didn’t prepare any lunch, so I made myself a sandwich and she made herself some oatmeal. We walked to work, talking about where the baby would sleep, how long we would be able to live in our current condo, and what kind of car we should get . Back at work, I spilled the confirmation to Zack and some other co-workers in the vacinity. I was given very enthusiastic responses. I had a little time on the computer before it was time to interview a candidate for a position on a different team. After that, I was surprised to find out that my co-worker had been terminated due to a violation of the employment agreement. It was sad, he was a good worker and a good guy. My team also heaped congratulations on me; apparently Zack had spilled the beans and the word had travelled. I was a little late to my Japanese lesson due to the fuss but Hideki wasn’t too upset. I also revealed to him the news and so I learned a lot of words about pregnancy, feelings, etc. The lesson was good, and the two hours went fast. Melissa interrupted with another phone call but I told her I’d call her back, which I did at 5. She recommended that Eriko take a list of vitamins. We spoke about the pregnancy in general before I returned to work and wrote down what Melissa told me. After 30 minutes at work, I was ready to go home. Scott and I walked together, talking about teh changes at Isilon and in my life. Eriko was waiting with a simple meal, which was nice. She was feeling pretty good except her mouth tasted poorly from eating all day. We walked to the library after dinner to return some books she didn’t quite finish in time, talking more about the little miracle that was growing inside her. She was concerned of the fragility of the baby and nervous about the pregnancy, but confident about raising the child. I’m the opposite; confident about the pregnancy and nervous about the raising. We stopped off at Trader Joe’s to purchase the vitamins Melissa suggested. At home, Eriko began to feel a little poorly and she became tired rapidly. I worked on the AOS paperwork and thought I was complete before realizing a few supporting documents were missing. Eriko took a shower and went to bed early. I stayed up – I worked on the computer, watched Seinfeld, and ate some ice cream.