I woke up to the sound of Eriko munching crackers. I read online and it was confirmed by Katrina (about Melissa) that eating before you get out of bed might help prevent the initial morning sickness. After that, a constant intake of food is necessary. Of course, I can’t sleep with crackers being munched so I was awake. Eriko didn’t feel like making breakfast so we ate cereal. She felt good enough to walk me to work and then we hung around the 1st floor until the ob/gyn office opened. We asked for an appointment but it turns out that the ob/gyn is now only a gyn! Shucks. We got an appointment anyway (for next week) but (provided Eriko is actually pregnant) they’ll have to recommend someone else for the ob. I went up to work (5th floor) and Eriko went home. The morning was pretty good; I was fairly productive and only had one 40 minute meeting, which was also good. I left at noon to go home. Eriko wasn’t feeling so well, but had made lunch anyway. She apologized for the meal, but I thought it was good anyway. I walked back to work by myself. I tried calling Melissa, but she wasn’t home. She called me back a few minutes later and after a few more minutes, I returned her call. She suggested getting a home-pregnancy test and said that they were very accurate. (We had been concerned about false readings). So I decided to get one after work. The rest of work went pretty well. Given the news, I feel a new level of energy and excitement in my body but I was able to focus on work quite well. I fixed 3 or 4 problems. After work, I walked to Bartell’s and picked up a 2 kit tester and some candy (for me). Then I called Kevin and spoke to him a little bit before finding Eriko waiting inside the condo. She hadn’t felt like cooking but got the urge for some Kentucky Fried Chicken. I suggested some fried chicken from a supermarket instead and she agreed to try it. We drove to Larry’s and got a few pieces of food; I was much happier with this meal than the idea of KFC, if I have to eat fried chicken. After dinner, I worked on Japanese homework and Eriko helped me while laying on the couch. We took our showers before Seinfeld. I ate some ice cream during the show and then we hit the sack.