We woke up really late today. Eriko’s back was sore, which she suspected was because she was a little too rough with a massage tool. Her stomach was also a little queasy. My back was a little sore – I had cuddled with her in the night and woke up with my chin and arm numb. I’m sure that didn’t help me sleep well. ;) Although she wasn’t feeling good, Eriko wanted to make Udon for breakfast (instead of my offer of french toast). After breakfast, she laid on the couch for quite a while. I did some research (on the Internet) into morning sickness (and pregnancy signs) as well as general research about pregnancy. During this time I shared everything I found and although she hadn’t really thought it was possible she was pregnant, she was becoming more open to the idea. We decided it would be good for her to see a gynecologist, even if this was just a false alarm. I’ll try to do that on Monday. Because of her condition, we decided not to go back to the Autumn Festival in Bellevue. Instead, Eriko laid on the couch and I used the computer and studied Japanese. At one point she started feeling better so we went to Costco to get some pregnancy snacks (crackers, fruit, rolls). Zack called to say that Katrina was making a surprise visit in the evening. After Costco, Eriko started feeling poor again, so she went back to resting and me to studying. Around dinner time she wanted to go to Trader Joe’s and so we did. I got some emergency rations just in case she didn’t want to cook (sandwich materials). We took showers early so that we could stay up and visit with Katrina and Zack. Sure enough, at 9 they showed up. It was a nice visit, with lots of laugh. Zack and I talked about some of the changes at work while Katrina and Eriko sat on the couch. Eriko showed them the picture book Ken made for her. At about 10:30, it was time for us to go to bed and them to go home. With the crackers by the bed, we made our way to sleepyland.