It is 6:30 and the alarm goes off. This morning I feed Eriko crackers, because it is better than lying there trying to stay in slumber land. My stomach was a little uncomfortable (because of the ice cream?) so I didn’t fix much of a breakfast. I spent a little time preparing the AOS and finding headphones (the ones at work were reclaimed by my co-worker) before we headed out to work. At work I had to review a document (I had agreed to complete by review by Friday morning) and then I had an hour-long meeting to discuss candidates. By this time, I was hungry. Since none of the regulars were around to go to Shiki, I cancelled the Shiki train and went home (a change in plans) early. I was glad I did that, because my sandwich was yummy and Eriko was in good spirits. We returned and I brought my co-worker an interview book he’s been asking me about. The afternoon wasn’t real productive either; I had a meeting from 2 - 4:30 and didn’t get much accomplished before or after. At home, Eriko was not in the best of spirits, although she did prepare dinner, which was quite delicious. In the box of goodies her friend sent her were some Nagoya style noodles and she was quite pleased to eat them. After dinner we watched Seinfeld, and then some of the Arts Showcase. I worked on my Japanese homework while she laid down. She was tired and ready for her shower, so I ate some ice cream and played on the computer. I’ve decided to try and read the vim manual from start to finish. I took a probotic acidophilous pill tonight, so I’m curious to see how I’ll feel in the morning. Normally I take one of those pills in the morning after breakfast (not because I “need” it, but just to make things easier on my body). Halfway through Seinfeld I started my shower, as Eriko was looking quite tired. She was in bed by the time I took my shower, so I followed.