More crackers. Eriko is more tired these days, so she doesn’t wake up until the alarm goes off, at 6:30. We get out of bed about 7, when we hear the computer turn on. She isn’t any mood to make breakfast, so I fix myself something small. I’m afraid my health is going to suffer if I continue to be left in charge of my own meals. ;) We walked to work, and I got busy right away. Soon it was time for lunch. On the way home I returned a call to Carol, Aaron’s wife. She told me that Bailey had caught a mouse while she watched. Not only that, but Bailey was having a great time toying with it. Eriko surprised me with a meal, which was delicious. After work I was not so productive – I had frequent interruptions. I received a call from the condo manager informing me that Eriko had a package and so I passed the word along (via email). When I got home, there was a package (she had been expecting) from her friend, with lots of goodies. Eriko made dinner as well, which was also yummy. She wasn’t feeling well (tired and uncomfortable) so we watched The Terminal. She laid on my lap and eventually got up for a shower, so she missed part of it. I enjoyed it though. She went to bed a bit earlier than I, as I had to shower (and then cool off from the shower).