Eriko and I slept in. I had a great plan of chores lined up. I began working on the Adjustment of Status (AOS) paperwork with the intention of visiting work and making copies. Then I received a surprise phone call from Alex. “Did I want to work on the Linux PVR (personal video recorder)?” Sure. About an hour later, he showed up with a basket of computer parts and the project began. His computer was in sad shape, so we started out by installing Debian Linux and configuring that. It took several hours and then Eriko mentioned that she was hungry, so the three of us went in search of food. Our original destination was to be Pete’s Pizza, but it turned out they were closed for Labor Day. We piled back into Alex’s car (we were all feeling lazy) and continued driving down Queen Anne avenue when Eriko revealed that she was really in the mood for pizza. Just then, we happened to pass by Vincenzo’s Pizza and so we all decided to give it a try. Alex ordered a calzone and Eriko and I ordered a pizza. Before the order arrived, Eriko informed me that she wasn’t sure half the pizza was enough for her, so I quickly put in an order for another calzone. The meal was great but the service was slow. We were probably in the restaraunt for close to an hour and we had some nice conversation. Back in the condo, Alex and I continued to work on the PVR. After a few hours we were almost ready to try it out against the TV, but Seinfeld was on so we took a short break. Eriko made some snacks and we also did a lot of snacking on nuts. For the next two hours we tinkered with this and that and eventually got the color and sound working. It was a good accomplishment but it had become too late and it was time for bed. Eriko and I showed Alex out and then the shower routine began, ending with closed eyes and snores.