The alarm went off at 6:45 and I wasn’t too happy about that. I had slept pretty well, actually, except for some strange dreams. There were several of them, but the only one I could remember was that I had dreamed that Eriko was pregnant and the countdown was on (until even less free time than I have now). Eriko jumped right out of bed, but I laid around for another 10 minutes or so before I went through my usual bathroom, weight, changing ritual. Breakfast was ready soon and afterwards I read my book for a little while. We walked to work together and Eriko met my co-worker Brett, who was smoking outside. Inside, I got to work relatively quickly; I’ve been trying to complete a programming project that keeps getting interrupted in various ways. I made some progress in the morning before people started filing in, but soon the steady distractions were at hand. The interruptions don’t last long but they are long enough to take me out of my concentration zone and reduce my productivity. I went home for lunch at noon and to my surprise, Eriko did not have lunch ready. She wasn’t feeling very well and thus had taken a nap; therefore she did not have enough time to prepare her chosen meal (lasagna) before I arrived. She was a bit worried but I suggested we eat leftovers instead, which we did. At first she was going to give me all the leftovers but I encouraged her to eat her leftover pizza so she wasn’t so starving. Still, she was sufficiently intent on completing her lasagna meal (and satisifying her remaining hunger) that I walked back to work by myself. Back at work, I tried to get back into the groove of things but continued to have constant interruptions – whether they were people, or critical bugs, or email… always something. I made some progress but not as much as I would have liked. About 10 minutes before 3 I left to goto Starbucks to meet Hideki for my Japanese lesson. The lesson was good and the 2 hours went quickly. The first hour we had a “conversation”, which was much less fluid than the word implies. The second hour I learned a new grammar point, the passive voice. That was good. As I was walking back to work I checked my email (on my phone) and saw a note from Zack. I called him and it turned out he was outside (having just made a few calls about his car). We met and went up to my cubicle together and engaged in dialogue for about 30 minutes. Soon after that, Eriko called and told me she was outside. Today was her first day of Modern Dance (a class she will be taking at the Pacific Northwest Ballet school on Tuesday’s at 1900) and we were walking together so I could help her find the place. She brought me dinner (lasagna) which we first carried to my cubicle so it would stay warm. Then we walked the 7 blocks to the PNB, bought her a ticket ($13) and found the studio. I walked back and read some email on the way. I chatted with some co-workers for a bit, at dinner, and then called Mom and Dad. Mom and I talked for about 45 minutes before Dad arrived and then we talked for about 30 minutes more. I worked on the computer for about 15 more minutes before I had to get up to make some photocopies for the AOS. Time was running short, as Eriko and I were expecting to rendezvous at 2100. Just as I was about to leave the printer jammed and it cost me a few minutes. I ended up at home about 10 minutes after 9. Eriko had a good time at her class. We chatted about that and our evenings, ate some ice cream, watched some channel 75, watched some Seinfeld, and now the shower routine has started again. ;) I’m tired.