I actually slept pretty good. I was hot at first because I hadn’t showered (too tired) but once I fell asleep it was pretty steady. Eriko got up and made breakfast, which was delicious. After an hour and a half of resting, she decided to work out in the exercise room and I followed. I started out on the bike machine, with my iPod and book. I was only able to read for a little while before I turned up the juice and the vibration (and effort) was too much too focus. Eriko was on the treadmill. I moved next to the rowing machine, where I didn’t last too long before my arms were exhausted. Then, in some order (which I cannot recall) I did push-ups, sit-ups, some weight exercises, some back exercises, and some ball exercises. After about 45 minutes, I was beat and laid on the floor. Eriko’s pace was more relaxed and she worked out for about 10 more minutes. After the exercise I was beat and my muscles were shakey so I sat in the chair and read my book. Eriko wasn’t feeling super so she ended up taking about a two hour nap. During that time, I used the computer and read. Eventually I took about a half-hour nap in my chair. ;) Afterwards, we headed out to Costco, where we forgot to buy a few things the day before. We made sure to spend lots of time in the store this time so there wouldn’t be any good deals passed up. We continued the shopping adventure by travelling to Fred Meyer and purchasing hangers, a knife, a plastic tub, and some food. Back at home, Eriko made dinner (she was quite hungry by this time) and afterwards we relaxed on the couch. I read while she wrote postcards until I flipped on the tube and discovered the ‘Classic Arts Showcase’. I was about to flip away when Eriko requested a few more minutes. About two hours later I flipped over to about 20 minutes of Star Wars. She really enjoyed the discovery of that channel (75) and the program. We indulged in some ice cream while watching the singing and dancing. Finally, it was time for bed.