I slept horribly. I was too hot and being tired, I became delirious. My brain was solving some unsolvable problem and I kept waking up thinking I had a solution. Eriko suggested I open the window (we had closed it because it was cool earlier) but I thought I was OK. In retrospect, I’m going to try and remember to always open the window before bed. She stays warm under the covers, so I don’t get much complaint. Anyway, after breakfast we headed off to work. There were two massive piles of poop along our route. How traumatic! For the first time in a lonnng time, I had no meetings during the day. That was nice. I went home for lunch but otherwise got some good stuff done. Unfortunately, I was still interrupted pretty often. I let a little early from work so Eriko and I could eat before we caught a Buster Keaton double picture. It was my first silent movie (and perhaps hers as well) and we both very impressed with the organ accompanist. The first movie was quite funny. The second was a little too long (for me) but ended well. The event was sponsored by Trader Joe’s and lucky us, we won a gift basket! We got lots of free food and a $25 gift certificate. That paid for the tickets. ;) We were exhausted by bedtime.