Eriko and I slept in until about 8. She was hungry and couldn’t sleep anymore. I probably could have remained in bed for some time. ;) I offered to make breakfast and cooked up some chocolate-chip pancakes, crispy bacon, and grilled toast. It took me a while (I have no griddle) but she wanted patiently. Finally, we ate, and it was yummy. =) I then proceeded to relax on the couch with my eyes clothes for a little while. I also watched some of the little league world series game between an island in the Carribean and Hawaii. Then we went to Kinko’s to see about our wedding announcements. We’ve taken a wedding photo of us and are turning it into a postcard. After about 15-30 minutes of discussion, we scheduled an appointment on Tuesday @ 8 to review the proof. Next, we headed to Uwajimaya for some groceries. Eriko finished rather quickly, and it may have taken longer to enter the parking lot (due to traffic throttled by a single gate) then to leave the store. On the way back, we listened to the Mariner’s game on the radio a bit. Arriving at home, I continued to pay attention and watched them on TV as well as the end of the LLWS. Hawaii made a great comeback (3 runs) to put the game into extra innings (7). Then they won it with a dong. It was exciting but heart-wrenching to wach the players (they’re 11 & 12 yr old boys) on the other team cry. They were very sportsmanlike but wore their heart on their sleeves. Eriko and I lounged around for a while; I worked on reviewing my Japanese in preparation for class on Tuesday. Not being hungry, we decided that a walk to Safeway to buy ice cream might be enough to stir our appetites. I was greatly dissappointed to find out that there was no mint-chocolate chip ice cream! We bought a carton of strawberry and a carton of sundae, but I couldn’t hide my sadness. Eriko made dinner went we returned and afterwards we dug into the ice cream. It was bad. The cartons had both melted and been re-frozen, which eliminates the creaminess. That’s what I get for not buying what I wanted; in retrospect I should have tried another store (although the cartons were buy 1/get 1 free, which is why everything else had sold out). I continued to review my Japanese in the evenings and we watched a bit of the Eagles Farewall I tour on TV before heading off to bed.