Eriko and I slept in until about 8 o’clock. Eriko made breakfast and I goofed off on the computer. Then we headed out for some errands. We drove up to Northgate mall and went to Target. On the way I received a phone call from Kevin (who had some questions about negotiating real estate). After the phone call I was reproached by Eriko for talking while driving. I would later more fully understand my behavior. We purchased a few things: shower cleaner, file folders, cookware, and door hanger. Then we proceeded to the bank where we changed Eriko’s name and ordered a new ATM card. Proceeding northeast, we hit Home Depot and purchased a rectangular flower “pot” and some foam weather-stripping. On the way back, there was a very slow driver in the fast lane. It turns out he was talking on a cellphone. Of course, I berated him mercilessly until Eriko pointed out that I too, had been driving slow. Oops. We stopped off at the Metropolitan Market and purchased some flowers (6) for our pot. I was a bit taken aback by the price ($52) but I let the purchase go through after the shoplady assured me the flowers would last for a long time. I did suggest to Eriko that we consider buying some seeds and growing our own. Back at the house, I put the weather-stripping on one of our screens. The screen doesn’t fit perfectly in the window and an occasional bug has been seen within the fortress walls. This always results in an emergency situation in which I must run to the bathroom (to retrieve paper), run to the location of the bug (while being informed on its exact movements) and mercifully exterminate it (later hosting an aquatic funeral). Eriko made lunch and then we each took naps before heading over to Alex’s house for a BBQ. The BBQ was nice and I told the story of how we met and described our wedding. The food was yummy and Eriko made a shrimp quiche which was well received. The evening ended in Karoke and after singing a few songs, we left on a high note. Sleep came soon after our return to the castle.