I woke up a little before the alarm went off and realized that I had forgot to set it (again). The alarm I’m using right now has to be turned off in order to quiet the buzzer and I don’t remember to turn it back on. Luckily, I haven’t slept in yet. So Eriko and I get up but we’re both tired. She didn’t sleep so well because she ate too much yesterday and I’m still getting used to sharing the bed. Today was a cereal day. I like cereal, so I don’t mind. ;) I played around on the computer until it was time to go to work. The morning went pretty well, although I can’t really say it was productive. The Shiki train ran a little early (Scott had a 1 o’clock meeting he didn’t want to miss) so I informed Eriko that we would be departing sooner than planned. She was waiting at 11:35 when the gang exited Isilon. There was Aaron, Eric, Scott, Zack, Eriko and I and we were met by Judy at the restaraunt. I liked my lunch but Eriko didn’t like hers. Afterwards, four of us went to Starbucks (Zack, Scott, Eriko, and I). I only had a hour before my next meeting so I didn’t accomplish that much. The next meeting (status and free-form discussion) lasted for 2.5 hours. Most of the participants left but 3 of us remained. It was interesting. I stuck around for another half hour and then Scott and I walked home. Eriko had just finished cooking dinner so we began to eat her first try at meatloaf. After dinner I did the dishes and drank some Pepsi. I spent some time on the computer adding a food section to her website (and watched Seinfeld). We picked the name and the color for the new page. I spent a little time researching a laptop and afterwards Eriko and I went jogging around QA. We ended up at the grocery store and looked at plants a little, but it was too dark to see the colors. Eriko wants to buy some for the window sills. Upon our return, we finished off the carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream (breyer’s, of course). She read her book and I tinkered around with some stuff for work (while we both listened to Mozart). At 10 we watched Seinfeld (great episode, Bizarro Jerry) and now Eriko’s showering. Soon it will be my turn and then, finally, sleep.