Woke up at 6:30. I was exhausted. I don’t think I slept too well. Partly because I was hot and partly because I had some wine near bedtime. I like alcohol but I just don’t know if I can really drink it as often as I’d like. Even in small quantities it seems to have a big impact on my system. Of course, the less I drink, the more of an impact it has the next time. Anyway, Eriko bounced right out of bed and started making breakfast. I pulled myself out after 5 minutes (snooze) and slugged down some milk/coffee. Breakfast went down quickly and I did a little paperwork or something until it was time for us to walk to work. Eriko packed me a lunch because my schedule was quite full and I was unable to come home. In the morning (before the string of meetings began) I was productive. The nice thing about having less time to work is that there is less incentive to procrastinate. I had a lot of meetings today. It wasn’t too bad though. I was able to “play” bridge at lunch (for about an hour). Before I knew it, it was 6 and time to go home. My boss caught me before I left and told me some interesting news. Things are changing at work… Eriko was finishing dinner when I arrived at home. We ate, watched Seinfeld, and spent some time on the couch together. She was a little too full and tired, so she decided to take a nap. I went into the bedroom and worked on preparing the AOS (adjustment of status) materials. After about an hour and a half, she woke up and I returned to the living room. Now Seinfeld, then shower, then bed.