2005-08-24 (Zack style)

Woke up at the usual time (6:30). Eriko made breakfast while I continued to read ‘Gone with the Wind’. Only tens of pages left. We walked to work, leaving the house about 7:40. Work was busy. I went out to coffee with my boss’ boss, and we talked about the future. Barely believable possibilities. Went home for lunch. Went home for dinner, arriving before 6. Eriko had dinner ready. I had some wine with dinner and read my book instead of the usual 7 o’clock Seinfeld. 1024 pages later, Rhett finally said “My dear, I don’t give a damn.” Eriko received a surprise phone call from her friend in Japan, so I busied myself at our desk. We went jogging around 8, for about 30 minutes. Then we ate some mint-chocolate chip ice cream. She made my lunch for tomorrow (today) while I paid bills/forecasted finances on the computer. Seinfeld at 10. Eriko showered, then I showered, then it was time for bed.