Another night of imperfect sleep. I didn’t get quite enough and it just wasn’t quite solid enough… shucks. Eriko and I were both dragging this morning, but we made it to work on time. I was real productive in the morning (before anyone else arrived) and did pretty good until lunch. Eriko joined me as I went out for lunch with my old boss, Bill, and co-worker David. It was nice. Eriko didn’t participate that much in the conversation, but neither did David for that matter. Bill and I talked tech for quite a bit. ;) I had a few meetings and then went off for my first private Japanese lesson. Hideki met me at Starbucks at 4 o’clock and the session lasted an hour. Next week it will be two hours. Humorously, this is the same Starbucks where I met Yuki twice a week. We reviewed the first eight chapters of the book. He said my grammar was good, but I attribute that to the reviewing I did. It was a good session and I look forward to it occuring regularly. I had hoped to just sneak into work and check email, but I got caught up in a conversation that caused me to be about 20 minutes late for dinner. I sent Eriko a note to let her know. After dinner we relaxed, watched Seinfeld, and then went to Kinko’s to check out our proof. It wasn’t to our liking, so we asked for some modifications and will return tomorrow. Back at home, Eriko asked me to make some changes to her website, which took a fair bit of time. Then, I wrote some diary entries, showered, watched Seinfeld, and will soon be snoozzing.