Manic Monday

I woke up about 7:30… actually, I woke up at 3 to check on the build, which I did not break. Whew. I actually got out of bed close to 8. I had a nightmare in which I cheated on Eriko and then I was going to tell her. I woke up very grateful that it was just a dream and was tempted to tell about it. I know I have a deep desire to tell her everything. I think that is a good thing. But as she told me once, I have to do it little by little. I had a long day at work today. I got lots of stuff done but I’m not really sure if I am any closer to being done. Well, I take that back – when I leave for Anchorage, I will be done. Knowing there is an end helps me not get so frustrated or let the pressure get to me. I just want to do the best that I can.