The sun sets in Seattle

My wrist hurts a little. I’ve been working too much; more than I want. If anything, it helps the time pass quickly; yet when I pause everything seems sooo slow. I am excited to go home. Excited to see my family; excited to see my girl. I have a lot of work to do. Sometimes I wonder if I will finish it; but what is the point in wondering that? I saw Dr. Kim this morning, she said the skin on my face had cleared up quite a bit. I’m pleased but I wonder if I will ever understand why I didn’t see someone like her earlier. Pride, perhaps. I’m often very convinced I can solve all the world’s problems on my own. In reality, I can barely solve my own problems. I think it is time I leave work now; I was watching a movie last night, ‘State and Main’ and I want to finish it tonight. In addition, I need to make vocabulary flash cards. English this time, for my GRE study. I wonder though, I’m not sure how motivated I am just yet. I want to get my job under control and to the point where I come in and leave in a reasonable amount of time and I think that will make my free time more productive too.